FFT Launches New Energy Voucher Service

In response to requests from our customers, FFT has launched Energy Vouchers in partnership with PayPoint TM.

Local Authorities and charities have seen a significant increase in requests for help with domestic fuel payments. FFT’s new energy voucher service eliminates the need for cash payments and instead a voucher can be awarded directly to the beneficiary, which in turn can be redeemed at a local store to ‘top up’  electricity keys and gas cards.

Orders placed for energy vouchers on FFT’s online portal are processed twice daily, ensuring emergency fuel payments are available within a matter of hours.  The voucher (PDF) is e-mailed directly to the beneficiary or their representative. The voucher must then be printed and taken with the beneficiary’s gas card or electricity key, to one of PayPoint’s 27500 outlets across the UK, where it is scanned and automatically added to the card or key.

To set up Energy Vouchers on your FFT account, or for more information about this or other new services please contact:

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