FFT launches food basket delivery service, facilitating grant awards for families living in food poverty

‘Food Poverty’ is a term which all of us have become more familiar with in recent times.
The rise of food banks across all parts of the UK, demonstrates the scale of the crisis alongside the increase in grant applications for essential food items. Whilst Food banks have so far helped sustain communities who are struggling to feed their families, demand is now far outweighing supply in some areas and our data shows that cash grant awards for food has dramatically risen in the past two years.

At FFT, we are acutely aware that cash grants are a last resort for some grant giving charities and local authorities, with many preferring to issue goods to fulfil a crisis need. This coupled with a shortage of fresh goods available at food banks has encouraged some ‘out of the box’ thinking at FFT resulting in a partnership with Asda Business. Working collaboratively, we have devised a range of fresh food baskets which can be ordered via FFT’s web-based fulfillment portal and delivered directly to the beneficiary within 24 hours.

Nutritious Food Baskets to suit all requirements
Nutritionists at Asda, have worked closely with FFT to create a range of 17 carefully designed food baskets. The contents of each basket have been specifically selected to provide a fully balanced diet, rich in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to promote well-being and good health.

Baskets are delivered directly to the beneficiary as part of the online shopping service and come complete with a menu planner, recipe booklet and shopping list. Whilst we can’t guarantee that individuals will follow the recipes, each basket contains all the ingredients necessary to make the dishes listed and these recipes can be re-created easily and cheaply, proving an element of education to the award.

With baskets ranging from £25 to £90, which include options of a one person 3 day basket to a large family basket for 7 days, vegetarian, baby food and emergency baskets, there is something for everyone.

Launching in February, the scheme has already seen huge interest from local authorities and charities.

To find out more about the FFT’s food parcel delivery service or to register with us please contact us here

*Family Fund Trading (FFT) is the trading arm of Family Fund, we work in partnership with other charities and local authorities to provide an online fulfilment service for grant awarded goods and services.

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