Welsh DAF Case Studies

It’s been another busy year for the Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) in Wales. The DAF is a Welsh government scheme managed and administered by Northgate Public Services and supported by FFT fulfilment services. During 2014/15 FFT has supported the Welsh government to fulfil over 39,000 grant awards for more than 200,000 items. Facts and figures are only part of the story and the case studies below really illustrate the difference the DAF makes to people in need across Wales.

Ms H, February 2015
Ms H is a single parent with two young children (both under five years old). Her youngest son has a learning disability for which he needs additional care & support.
Ms H has been struggling day to day to manage the caring needs of her youngest son. This was exacerbated as she was reliant on making a significant round trip on the bus to wash their clothes in the nearest laundrette most days, (having to take her youngest son with her each time).
Ms H currently shares a bed with her two children every night, which impacts on her sleep and her only way to make hot food is to use the only working ring on the hob of her oven.
Ms H started getting support from her local tenancy support team. They have helped her access a support group for parents and are supporting Ms H to manage her money & maintain her tenancy.
Ms H applied to the DAF for beds for her two children, an oven and a washing machine as she has faced exceptional pressure since her partner left.
Ms H was awarded two children’s beds, an electric oven and washing machine.
“Thank you to the DAF. Having my own washing machine is something I never thought I would have. It makes a real difference to my day, making my life that little bit easier and gives me more time for the children.”

Miss W, January 2015
Miss W, a mother of four children (aged 3 – 13), was a recent victim of domestic violence and managed to escape this relationship by fleeing to a hostel. The family have been re-homed after spending several nights in a Bed and Breakfast arranged by Social Services and were now starting a new chapter in their life.
Miss W and her children were supported to resettle in permanent accommodation. With the support of Social Services, Miss W successfully applied to the DAF for beds for her and the four children.
Miss W was extremely grateful for the DAF assistance as she had no other support available to her and the family and was optimistic about a fresh start for her family.

Mr and Mrs H, March 2014
Mr & Mrs H are both elderly and disabled.
Mr H has been sleeping downstairs in the living room as due to mobility problems he is unable to use stairs.
An Occupational Therapy Assessment on the property took place and made a series of recommendations. Social Services had arranged for a lift to be fitted, their beds moved up stairs and the bath room to be converted to accommodate the couple’s mobility issues.
However, for the couple to maintain their tenancy, they needed to be able to get around the property. The Assessment had noted that the flooring was currently unsuitable for their wheelchair use.
Social Services, on behalf of this couple, applied to the Fund for suitable disabled flooring to be awarded in this case.
Homebase visited the home to provide a free measuring and advice service. This provided applicants with a flooring solution of linoleum which gave residents complete use of 1st floor accommodation using wheelchairs.
This application was granted. After fitting the flooring, social services feedback to DAF “The couple are overwhelmed by the coordinated support they have received so they can remain in the community they have lived for over fifty years.”

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