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Get Online Week | Digital Inclusion


Family Fund Business Services is supporting the Get Online Week campaign run by Good Things Foundation, by promoting their #Try1Thing initiative. The campaign aims to help 15.2 million people in the UK who are not making full use of the internet by encouraging them to take a next step towards crossing the digital divide.

Try 1 Thing, is set to motivate people to try something online that they would usually do offline, such as their first online shopping experience or video call, setting up online banking, GP appointments or benefit claims, or applying for a job online – anything that they haven’t had the skills or confidence to try before now.


Family Fund Digital Skills Programme

Digital inclusion is an important focus for our parent charity Family Fund, who offers a wide range of grants to families with disabled or seriously children. In addition to their computer and tablet grants they also provide a Digital Skills Programme which aims to help families with disabled children to develop their digital skills and get the most out of their iPads or Android tablets through one-to-one and group training.

Training is free for people who have received a Family Fund tablet and covers a range of useful topics; including how to customise devices to address any vision, hearing, motor and learning needs of your child, parental controls and guided access, locating and accessing resources and how to use built-in apps to develop reading, writing, speaking and research skills.


Enabling access to the internet

With the Good Things Foundation June 2017 infographic highlighting that 90% of non-users are classed as disadvantaged, we recognise that there is still work to be done to reach these individuals and households in order to enable internet access in the first instance.


Digital Divide Infographic | Segmenting non-users | Digital Inclusion


By extending our charity’s fulfilment of digital items to other charities, housing associations and local authorities through our unique online procurement portal, we hope that we can contribute to narrowing the digital gap by reaching even more non-users.

Our partners are able to access a range of low cost internet solutions such as MiFis and pre-loaded sim cards for their beneficiaries or tenants to use.


Get in touch

For more information about Get Online Week events in your area call 0800 77 1234 and ask for help with digital skills, or visit

Alternatively if you are interested in how we support organisations and digital inclusion, check out our digital catalogue or contact Paul McAfee on 01904 571059 or email:


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