Exciting new partnership with AO Business

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with AO Business as one of our trusted white goods and kitchen appliance suppliers, following their successful pilot and submission of an economically and socially advantageous tender.

Our partnership with AO Business will provide our customers with a greater range of quality products, better prices and peace of mind with extended three-year warranties as standard, plus excellent availability across their range.

Their service includes a robust delivery model, offering national coverage for our customers and delivering over 90% of orders within five working days. Their all-encompassing customer journey will further complement our end-to-end beneficiary journey, from order to delivery and installation to uplift.

We are constantly exploring different ways to help our customers extend their funding, enabling them to support even more beneficiaries and we are confident that AO Business will offer fantastic value and excellent customer service for both our customers and the beneficiaries they support.

Jill Wheeler, Managing Director of Family Fund Business Services said:

“We are very pleased to be working alongside AO Business as we recognise that our organisations share the same values and are both socially minded and customer focussed. We are excited to work collaboratively and innovatively with AO Business as we continue to grow our service offering and are confident this new partnership will provide the best possible service for our customers and for the thousands of vulnerable individuals and families they help each year.”

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