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Please note: if you are a member of the public, we do not award Carpetright vouchers directly, we distribute them on behalf of our clients including Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Charities. Visit our signposting page for guidance on where you can access support as an individual.

FFBS is pleased to announce we are now partnering with Carpetright to offer flooring to our clients, in the form of Carpetright eGift vouchers.

With many of our clients telling us how vital flooring solutions are for their beneficiaries, we’ll now be offering flooring vouchers alongside white goods, household items, furniture, vouchers for food and energy and cash payments, in one ordering process and a single invoice for clients, saving them time and money.

Carpetright is one of the UK’s leading flooring retailers, with over 300 stores and concessions across the country, making it easy for beneficiaries to access nationwide.

Why is flooring so important?

End Furniture Poverty reports that 1.2 million people in the UK are living without flooring in their bedrooms and living areas, with the vast majority living in social housing. Flooring can be hard to source for those on a low income, as the cost is often prohibitive. Currently, much social housing is let without flooring, in a bid to prevent infestations and give new tenants a fresh new home. But, if tenants are on a low income, they might not be able to afford to buy new flooring and will be forced to live without it.

Current regulation in England means that landlords are not required to provide flooring outside of kitchens and bathrooms and a recent survey suggests 1.2 million people in the UK have no carpet or flooring in their bedrooms and living areas. By introducing this new supplier, we hope to enable social landlords to provide flooring across their portfolios nationwide in the hope of easing this ongoing problem.

Living without flooring decreases the energy efficiency of homes. In fact, according to the National Housing Federation, properties without flooring can lose 15% of their heat. This leaves people with a difficult choice to make between having freezing cold homes or unaffordable energy bills.

NICE also warns that living in a cold home can have a significant impact on mental and physical wellbeing, increasing the likelihood of viral infections, breathing problems, depression, heart attacks and strokes.

Installing flooring can make colder months much more comfortable for residents and help protect the properties from issues such as mould or damp, which can be more problematic in properties kept cold. With energy prices remaining high, installing flooring in social housing could be life changing for tenants.

Phil Henderson, Director of Family Fund Business Services, said: 

“It became clear from speaking to our clients that they really want to be able to supply flooring but many of them were struggling to offer it themselves. The logistics of sending someone to measure a property; select appropriate, affordable options and have them supplied and fitted is either too expensive or too much administrative work for many social housing providers. 

We are proud to offer an easy and cost-effective solution that works for Local Authorities and Housing Associations nationwide.” 

How can my organisation order flooring vouchers?

It’s simple! Ordering flooring vouchers is the same as placing any other order with us. Vouchers are distributed to a beneficiary’s email and they can use them in store to cover measuring, flooring, delivery and fitting.

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