Better together: Working in partnership to improve lives

700,000 awards made, 100% clients satisfied with our service, over £15m raised for Family Fund

The last financial year was yet another tough one for people across the UK. 

Inequality continued to grow, with more people than ever pushed into destitution by inflation levels, and everything from energy to food much more expensive. 

With bills and essential items now unaffordable for families most severely impacted by the cost-of-living crisis, charities, housing associations and local authorities are now having to navigate increased demand for support, alongside stretched budgets and uncertainty surrounding the future of schemes like the Household Support Fund. 

With this backdrop working in partnership to support beneficiaries is more vital than ever.  

Supporting people most in need 

In 2023/24, we partnered with grant-giving organisations nationwide to deliver vital support to households with almost 680,000 essential items.   

As demand for energy vouchers has grown, we supported households with even more energy vouchers than ever before – 61,000, up 49% from the previous year. That’s enough electricity to power New York City for a day!

Demand for food and clothing vouchers also remained high, and we worked with clients to put food on the table for over 110,000 households and distribute almost 4000 clothing vouchers. 

With an estimated 6 million people now living in furniture poverty in the UK, we supported families with stretched budgets,  struggling to afford expensive one-off purchases of appliances and furniture. We delivered cookers to 13,000 households – which means 7.1 million hot meals. We distributed 28,000 beds – which means over 5 million better nights’ sleep for families across the UK. 

Supporting Family Fund 

Family Fund supports children like Jacob with essential grant items

With 100% of our profit gifted to our parent charity, Family Fund, as unrestricted funding, we’re directly supporting and sustaining the charity’s work to provide essential grants and services to families raising disabled and seriously ill children on a low income. In 2023/24, Family Fund supported over 158,000 families.

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