Case studies

Take a look at how we partner with different public, private and third sector organisations to help improve efficiencies and costs associated with their procurement. We look at the challenges our partners face and provide bespoke solutions, ensuring we offer value for money – helping them to help others.

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Fitting out accommodation from scratch to support Afghan refugees being resettled in the UK in Yorkshire.

Furnishing NYCC’s refugee resettlement properties to create safe and comfortable living spaces where families can thrive.

Delivering energy vouchers to help keep vulnerable households warm through winter with Doncaster Deaf Trust.

Adapting to restrictions to support veterans with essential food vouchers alongside Help for Heroes.

Managing NYCC’s Local Assistance Fund to provide household goods, food vouchers and energy top-ups to families in need.

Furnishing social housing with easy ordering and invoicing to save time and money for Paragon Asra.

Reducing budget pressures to make funding go further for Doncaster Council’s Local Assistance Scheme.

Streamlining Inclusion Housing’s procurement process with simple ordering and invoicing to fit out a growing property portfolio.

Streamlined purchasing to ensure easy, consistent and professional furnishing of Kexgill student accommodation.

Cutting admin costs and making it easy for OA to provide veterans with a wide range of support.