Family Stories

Read some of our family stories to see how we can support children who are facing a crisis or emergency.

If you are a professional who works with children and young people, you can apply for a BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials grant on behalf of a child. Click here to register as a referrer.

If you are a parent or carer, check out our Family Support page for more information.

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“When Thomas’ bed recently broke, his Mum couldn’t afford to replace it. The springs were coming out of the mattress and would scratch and cut Thomas as he tried to sleep.”

“There is one stark difference between Ryan and his friends, he is a young carer for his Mum. She has several conditions that require support to cope with, including one which means she cannot walk and get about easily. She relies on Ryan day to day.”

“Recently, the family’s cooker was condemned by the Gas Board as unsafe and dangerous to have in the house. Both Jez and his mum sleep on mattresses on the floor as their beds are broken and the family cannot afford to replace them.”

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