Ryan’s Story

Ryan is just like many other young boys, he likes to game and go out with his mates, but there is one stark difference between Ryan and his friends, he is a young carer for his Mum. She has several conditions that require support to cope with, including one which means she cannot walk and get about easily. She relies on Ryan day to day.

Due to Mum’s additional needs, she cannot work and Ryan has to do the household chores and the simple tasks that we often take for granted, even helping his mum in and out of the bath. Mum has little independence because of her health needs.

This is hard enough for a young person to deal with, but on top of all that, Ryan has his own health issues. He has a condition that affects his joints, making them extremely painful and that can restrict his own movements and mobility. But he has to just get on with it – his Mum needs him to.

To help Ryan and his mum cope, they moved to a smaller house with fewer stairs. Unfortunately, during the move, their cooker was damaged and was no longer safe to prepare food. They only had a microwave to cook with, as they had no money left. With yet another problem for Ryan to deal with, he did often wonder ”what’s going to happen next?”

They were told about BBC Children in Need’s Emergency Essentials Programme by their support worker, who applied for a grant on their behalf. The application was reviewed and a decision was made within a week to provide a cooker so that they could have hot, nutritious food daily. They did not have to rely on expensive ready meals or very basic foods.

Now they have the new start they were hoping for when they moved. They have a brand new cooker to prepare hot meals for the both of them. Ryan feels happier that his Mum can move around better in this new house, meaning he can have a little extra time for himself. It is still difficult for him but some of the strain has been lifted.

Interested in finding out more? Applications to the Emergency Essentials programme are currently open, but must be made by a registered referrer, such as a social worker, family liaison officer or member of a support organisation. Referrers can register now on the Emergency Essentials webpage.