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Helping Dacorum Community Trust support local people. At a glance. Reduced administration time and costs due to FFBS portal and a single consolidated invoice. From white goods to energy vouchers, everything is available to order in one place. Dedicated customer support, including our Helpdesk and monthly account manager meetings. Just one supplier contract means FFBS remove the need to manage numerous suppliers.

Dacorum Community Trust (DCT) is a charity in Dacorum, Hertfordshire, who have been committed to supporting local people in need since they were formed in 1976. They aim to provide practical support, often for people in a crisis who have been unable to find the help they need elsewhere. DCT are a lifeline for local people, but also support local charities and not-for-profit organisations who are beneficial to the community.

The help provided for individuals and families in need includes emergency gas and electric vouchers, supermarket vouchers, essential household items, baby clothing and equipment, and beds and bedding. As the cost of living crisis continues, granting these items are vital for people on a low income.

Their challenges

When DCT partnered with FFBS in March 2022, they were facing the pressures of increased demand. The ongoing impact of the pandemic combined with the cost of living crisis meant that more people than ever found themselves in need of support. There was a need for DCT to streamline their procurement process, and deliver essential support quickly.

As DCT grant a variety of items and services, such as white goods and energy vouchers, multiple suppliers were needed to procure all of the required items. Using numerous suppliers was expensive and increasing the administrative load on a small team. Therefore, DCT needed to find a supplier who could distribute a wide range of items, cope with rising demand, and reduce the administrative load on their team.

Our solution

DCT have been able to order all of the required goods and vouchers in one place, thanks to FFBS’ one-stop-shop online portal. On top of this, FFBS’ portal makes managing budgets simple, reducing DCT’s time spent dealing with suppliers, invoices and contracts, and easing the administrative burden on staff. The time saved by our portal and single consolidated monthly invoice means that DCT can focus on what matters most: those in the local community who need support.

Once an order has been placed, FFBS also handles everything from delivery and installation to extended warranties. This cuts out slow middlemen, and means that support is delivered to beneficiaries quickly and effectively, taking the stress out of the process for both DCT and their beneficiaries.

As FFBS’ customers, DCT also benefit from a range of dedicated customer support. This includes support from our Helpdesk, which responds quickly to queries over the phone or online. Additionally, DCT have monthly meetings with their account manager, Amy, who ensures that all their needs are being met.

The results

Dacorum Community Trust said:

We are extremely happy with the service from Family Fund Business Services. They have an easy to use portal, our account is monitored well with a monthly meeting where we can raise any queries no matter how big or small, and the helpdesk is always very quick to respond to any of our requests. Working with Family Fund Business Services has made our work easier, which is invaluable to a charity of our size.”

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