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Streamlining Inclusion Housing's procurement process with simple ordering and invoicing
Streamlining Inclusion Housing's procurement process with simple ordering and invoicing. At a glance: 
Removal of administration challenges associated with managing multiple credit cards, numerous suppliers and unconsolidated invoices, with simple ordering and invoicing all in one place.
Goods available for fast delivery with installation and uplift included has eliminated long lead times and stock availability issues. 
Access to pre-approved products selected for quality and value for money has reduced the need for replacement of goods and increased consistency across property portfolio.

"Having one supplier that not only offers a wide variety of quality items, but delivers an excellent end-to-end service is a weight off our shoulders"
- Sarah Agar, Team Leader at Inclusion Housing

Inclusion Housing currently supports more than 2,000 vulnerable people to live in independent, specialist supported housing, with an ethos focussed on building collaborative relationships to provide service excellence. In order to achieve their aims over the next five years, they saw immense value in partnering with Family Fund Business Services (FFBS) to enhance and streamline their procurement strategy.

Their challenges

As a rapidly growing company, Inclusion moved premises to accommodate their expanding team. However, the increased demand to fit out a growing portfolio of units presented an opportunity to improve their existing procurement process and develop economy of scale efficiencies and better value for money.

Previously, staff at Inclusion used multiple company credit cards to purchase furniture and white goods for their properties, resulting in inconsistencies in specifications across properties, unconsolidated invoices and subsequent time consuming administration tasks. Moreover, they struggled with long lead times and limited stock availability which posed potential delays in the housing of vulnerable tenants.

With a growing number of units and the importance of demonstrating value for money to funders, there was increased pressure to source high quality, value for money goods which would withstand wear and tear and reduce the need for replacement goods across their property portfolio.

Our solution

FFBS was able to establish a proactive and cost effective partnership with Inclusion Housing, centred on the FFBS online procurement portal. By implementing a robust and streamlined procurement process and providing access to value for money goods, Inclusion could concentrate on their continued growth plans and ensure service excellence was maintained.

A bespoke catalogue of quality white goods, alongside specialist furniture and flooring, was developed, providing a one stop shop for all of Inclusion’s procurement requirements. The portal also enabled visibility of spend versus budget and consolidated all purchases into one monthly invoice – reducing administrative resource and creating savings across the business.

The end to end fulfilment service provided by FFBS, ensured that delivery, installation and uplift were fully inclusive, helping to reduce recurring fees and adding significant value to the proposition. Finally, FFBS were also able to provide extended product warranties, ensuring longevity of purchases and increased peace of mind.


Inclusion Housing has benefited considerably from a consolidated ordering and invoicing process, as well as better value goods across all of their procurement activities and extended warranties for many items. There is no longer a requirement for the use of multiple credit cards and staff have greater visibility of goods and pricing, which in turn has helped to improve internal forecasting. The assurance of a fully account managed service delivered by an experienced and committed partner has proven invaluable and the increased value for money is already evident.

Sarah Agar, Team Leader at Inclusion Housing said: “It’s fantastic to be working with a partner like FFBS. Having one supplier that not only offers a wide variety of quality items, but delivers an excellent end-to-end service is a weight off our shoulders.

“It is important for us to demonstrate value for money, as every penny we save goes back towards helping more vulnerable people find a supportive home. And FFBS are helping us to achieve just that.

“We’re also delighted to be supporting Family Fund’s work with families raising disabled or seriously ill children through our new partnership.” 

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