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Our values


Helping others is at the very heart of everything we do. We work collaboratively with our customers, partners and stakeholders to help them help others. Our approach is therefore underpinned by supportive and accessible customer service. We provide an efficient and responsive Helpdesk service to resolve common issues and help projects to run smoothly.


We recognise the importance of continuous improvement in order to provide ongoing service excellence to our customers. We’re always working to develop our systems and processes to ensure we maximise efficiencies and enhance our business model so that we can take advantage of a broadening range of business opportunities.


We understand the breadth of challenges our customers face and work with them to provide bespoke solutions. Our flexible business model allows us to adapt our service offering to best suit the needs of customers and, in turn, of their beneficiaries.


We provide fulfilment and grant administration services to our customers to help them help those most in need. By offering discounted prices and product rebates, we enable our customers to extend their funding and increase their social value offering. Ultimately our work secures the future of our charity, Family Fund and, by gifting our profits as unrestricted funding, we help them to deliver their core objective: to support even more families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people.

Our strategy

Our strategic ‘steering wheel’ will ensure that we stay on track as a business to achieve our 2023 vision. It illustrates how our company vision, mission, values and strategic objectives work together to steer us in the right direction.

From pre-payment cards to white goods, we make procuring and distributing practical support to households easy. Find out how we can help your organisation save time and money by getting in touch at businessdevelopment@familyfundservices.co.uk.

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